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News 2017

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• February 7, 2016: Our article Computational exploration of the water concentration-dependence of the proton

   transport in the porous UiO-66(Zr)-(CO2H)2 metal-organic framework in collaboration with the Maurin group

   (Université de Montpellier) is accepted for publication in Chemistry of Materials.

• February 1, 2017: Qin and Eric join our group.

• January 30, 2016: Our joint theoretical-experimental article Ice nucleation efficiency of hydroxylated organic

   surfaces is controlled by their structural fluctuations and mismatch to ice  led by the Molinero group (University of

   Utah) is accepted for publication in the Journal of the American Society.

• January 2, 2017: Oliver joins our group.

• January 2, 2017: Francesco joins the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Physical Chemistry and is selected as Chair-elect of the Theoretical Chemistry Subdivision of the American Chemical Society.