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• December 15, 2013: Pushp joins our group.

• November 14, 2013: Our article Development of a first principles water potential with flexible monomers: Dimer

  potential energy surface, VRT spectrum, and second virial coefficient is accepted in the Journal of Chemical Theory

  and Computation.

• November 5, 2013: Francesco is the seminar speaker at Caltech.

• October 14, 2013: Anthony joins our group.

• October 11, 2013: Francesco is the seminar speaker at UC Merced.

• September 25, 2013: Matt presents his poster at the final event of the Qualcomm Institute Summer Research

  Scholar Program.

• September 16, 2013: Our article Many-body convergence of the electrostatic properties of water is accepted in the

  Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation.

• September 9, 2013: Francesco participates in the press conference held at ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis to

  discuss CAICE Phase II research plans.

• August 27, 2013: Our article Molecular mechanisms of water-mediated proton transport in MOFs is accepted in

  Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

• August 8, 2013: Greg receives the Teddy Traylor Award and the GAANN fellowship.

• July 25-27, 2013: Francesco is a speaker at the 12th Annual Mercury Conference on Undergraduate

  Computational Chemistry.

• July 24, 2013: Francesco is the seminar speaker at Penn State.

• July 18, 2013: Our research on MOFs is funded by the Department of Energy - Basic Energy Science.

• July 8 - 19, 2013: Francesco is the speaker at the TSRC workshops Quantum effects in condensed-phase systems

  and intermolecular interactions: New challenges for ab initio theory.

• June 20, 2013: Our Frontiers article The curious case of the water hexamer: Cage vs. Prism is accepted in

  Chemical Physics Letters and is featured on the cover.

• June 16, 2013: Danica and Kevin graduates.

• May 16, 2013: Kevin receives the 2013 Harold C. Urey Award as the most outstanding graduating chemistry


• May 16, 2013: Adil and Matt present their poster on conducting MOFs at the 7th Annual Undergraduate Chemistry

  Research Symposium.

• April 18, 2013: Francesco is the seminar speaker at the University of South Florida.

• April 7-11, 2013: Francesco is a speaker at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans.

• March 28, 2013: Our paper Systematic study of structural and thermodynamic properties of HCl(H2O)n clusters

  from semiempirical replica exchange simulations has been accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

• March 23, 2013: Matt is awarded the Calit2 Summer Undergraduate Research fellowship.

• March 4, 2013: Our joint paper with the Cohen group Chemically cross-linked metal-organic frameworks is

  accepted in Chemical Communications.

• February 13, 2013: Our joint paper with the Wang group at PNNL Negative ion photoelectron spectroscopy reveals

  thermodynamic advantage of organic acids in facilitating formation of bisulfate ion clusters: Atmospheric implications

  is accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

• February 13, 2013: David is awarded the High-Energy-Density Physics Summer Student Internship at the

  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

• January 26, 2013: In collaboration with the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), our group host a SMART

  (Students Modeling a Research Topic) event in our lab with high schoolers of San Diego County.

• January 4, 2013: David and Matt join our group.

• January 3, 2013: Our paper A critical assessment of two-body and three-body interactions in water is accepted in

  the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation.

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