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News 2023

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• January 2: We welcome undergraduate student Alison Rhoads.

• January 3: Our preprint Structure and thermodynamics of water adsorption in NU-1500-Cr is posted on the


• January 10: Our article Data-driven many-body potentials from density functional theory for aqueous phase

  chemistry appears in Chemical Physics Reviews.

• January 10: Our preprint Quantum phase diagram of water is posted on the ChemRxiv.

• January 24: We host the annual meeting of our MURI: Unraveling the mechanisms of ice nucleation and

   anti-icing through an integrated multiscale approach. Exciting science on ice, from many-body and

   coarse-grained simulations to theoretical models, NMR and vSFG measurements, and synthesis and  

   machine-learning of new ice binding molecules.

• February 2: Our article A "short blanket" dilemma for a state-of-the-art neural network potential for water:

   Reproducing experimental properties or the physics of the underlying many-body interactions? appears in the

   Journal of Chemical Physics.

• February 9: We welcome undergraduate student Zoe Solomon.