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Laboratory for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at UC San Diego  

• December 17, 2010: Our group is awarded an allocation of computing time on the NSF Teragrid resources to

  model heterogeneous physicochemical processes on aerosols. Happy computing!

• November 1, 2010: Pilar joins our group as a visiting student from CINVESTAV Querétaro. Welcome!

• October 25, 2010: Nico is among the recipients of the 2010 Physical Sciences Dean’s Undergraduate Awards for


• October 5, 2010: Francesco is the seminar speaker at California State University, Los Angeles.

• September 24, 2010: Our CCI: Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment led by Prof. Prather is

  announced by NSF. Our group will be involved in providing molecular-level insights into the mechanisms governing

  heterogeneous processes on aerosols.  

• September 15, 2010: Jeff joins our group.

• September 12, 2010: The Handbook of Nanophysics is published this week. Francesco contributed with a chapter

  on Superfluidity of clusters, which is featured on the cover of Volume 2 Clusters and Fullerenes.

• August 22 - 26, 2010: Francesco is a speaker at the ACS National Meeting in Boston.

• June 19 - 23, 2010: Francesco is a speaker at the TSRC workshop Condensed phase dynamics in Telluride.

• July 12, 2010: Our paper Nuclear quantum effects in the reorientation of water in collaboration with Sotiris

  Xantheas and Huib Bakker is accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.

• July 1, 2010: Greg joins our group.

• June 12, 2010: Allen graduates from UC San Diego.  

• June 7 - 9, 2010: Francesco is a speaker at the CECAM workshop Advances in the implementation of polarizable

  polarizable force fields for molecular simulations.

• April 5, 2010: Francesco is the seminar speaker at the University of Southern California.

• April 1, 2010: Wei joins our group.

• January 21-23, 2010: Francesco is at Stony Brook for the AMBER Developers Meeting.  

• January 14, 2010: Nico joins our group.

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